Services For Gymnasts

Free Screen: (FREE!)

Not sure what you need? Should my child see a doctor, and if so, which one? Is he or she appropriate for physical therapy, or would an Injury Prevention Assessment be better? How about sports performance? Let us help you navigate through this! We can offer a quick, free screen to determine the best course of action to help your child achieve his or her goals!

Physical therapy evaluation and treatment: (no prescription required!)

Full physical therapy evaluation due to chronic pain, after injury, or following surgery, followed by physical therapy treatment sessions.  This can be billed through your insurance or cash/self-pay rates.

Return to Sport Package: ($25/visit)

This is perfect for the athlete that has finished physical therapy treatment, has not yet returned fully to his or her sport, and does not necessarily need a full, formal physical therapy treatment.  This athlete may need taping, home program review, but more importantly, guidance. We provide this guidance with functional testing and skill progression based on the results of the testing and his or her performance back in the gym or studio.

Maintenance Package: ($150/month)

This is perfect for the athlete who is significantly improved, but may still need some physical therapy due to residual symptoms or functional limitations.  His or her PT visits my be limited or no longer covered, or the period of treatment without a prescription from a doctor has expired. It includes manual, hands on treatment and taping as needed, along with home exercise program progression or revision as needed.

Manual Therapy Package: ($45/30 mins)

Just looking for help with recovery or miscellaneous aches and pains? This package may include IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft tissue Massage), Soft tissue Release Techniques, compression wrapping, joint mobilization, cupping to assist with problem areas.

Individual Gymnastics Injury Prevention Assessment: ($225 initial evaluation, $75 follow up sessions)

This is a 1:1 hour long full body assessment. It includes an orthopedic assessment and a review of systems. The purpose is to pick up on any problem areas that may be at risk for injury before they happen and to prescribe the appropriate course of action. This may include referral to an appropriate physician (orthopedic, rheumatologic, etc), nutrition, or strength and conditioning.

Team Gymnastics Injury Prevention Assessment:

This a comprehensive wellness program is to assess: Flexibility, Strength, Stability, Spine health, Biomechanics understanding and positioning, Sport Specific motion demands of the gymnastics TEAM. Please contact me for more information if you are interested.

Sports Performance

Mark Freeman – Former elite gymnast providing gymnastics specific sports performance.

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