We are a company that answers the needs of the Artistic Athlete – the gymnast, the dancer, the cheerleader- the performing artist who cannot continue to perform at the level he or she desires because of pain or injury.

If we can help solve your problem, what value would it add to your athletic aspirations and your personal goals? What is the #1 thing you wish you could do right now, but you can’t because of your pain?

Being a former level 10 gymnast, I remember being injured and not have a healthcare provider who truly understood what I did, and what I needed to be able to do to continue to perform well at a high level, and without pain.  This created a lot of frustration for me and my coaches. I wasn’t achieving my goals and still in pain, and they weren’t sure how to help me.  After all, they were there to coach, not treat my pain.  We understand the sport and the lingo, and have a list of providers who we trust that also can serve the needs of the artistic athlete.  Come see us first!

Trying to qualify for States, Regional or Nationals? Can’t seem to land your skills without ankle pain? Arching your back hurts?

Do not continue to be frustrated and hampered by lingering pain and injury! Don’t settle for “rest it for 2 weeks and then slowly go back” only to continue to have the same problem.  We can provide you with the care and service you need and deserve, and help your coaches help you get better in the gym at the same time!

Achieve your goals, and be healthier in the long run!


It’s comforting to know that our gymnasts are under the professional care of Talia and Stephanie of Artistic Athletics PT and Performance right here in our own gym. As former gymnasts, they have specific knowledge of the skills, drills and…

Elaine Jewart